Bubble envelope

Bubble envelope

The bubble envelope is available in many shapes and sizes. They can be used to send both small and delicate items as well as more sturdy items. Bubble envelopes ensure that your products arrive in one piece at the intended location. This is due to the fact that bubble envelopes are coated with a layer of bubble wrap. You have probably come across this transparent material before. The foil is covered with lots of small pockets of air. This is why bubble wrap is also often called bubble plastic. This coating makes sure that impacts are effectively absorbed. This is needed, because during shipping the bubble envelope will have to endure quite a bit. Therefore it is very important that fragile items are well protected. Buying a bubble envelope is therefore a perfect and very affordable solution. The only place to buy a bubble envelope is at Verpakgigant. Only the highest quality bubble envelopes are available in our assortment. You can therefore be assured that your products will be shipped safely and will reach their destination unscathed. Have you got any questions about the bubble envelope which can protect your products so effectively? Then feel free to contact us. We will gladly help you!

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A11 Luchtkussen enveloppen 100 x 165

Vanaf 4 cent

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B12 Luchtkussen enveloppen 120 x 215

Vanaf 4,9 cent
Vanaf 6,5 cent
Vanaf 8,7 cent

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E15 Luchtkussen Enveloppen 220 x 260

Vanaf 9,3 cent
Vanaf 12,2 cent

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H18 Luchtkussen enveloppen 270 x 360

Vanaf 15,4 cent

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K20 Luchtkussen enveloppen 350 x 470

Vanaf 24,5 cent

What are the specifications of a bubble envelope?

Like we previously mentioned, a bubble envelope is coated on the inside with a layer of bubble wrap. Thanks to this layer, your products are more impact resistant. That is because the small pockets of air inside the bubble envelopes absorb any impact. We offer bubble envelopes of the Filmar brand. A couple of specifications of the bubble envelope, also known as the air cushion envelope, include:

  • The bubble envelope contains several layers of air cushion foil on the inner sides of the envelope;
  • It protects the package against various types of impact and against liquids;
  • It guarantees secure shipping;
  • It is made of premium quality material.

How to use a bubble envelope

Are you looking to buy a bubble envelope? Then you have come to the perfect place. All of our envelopes are fitted with an extremely practical trifix fastener. Thanks to this unique sealer opening the envelope without causing any damage becomes nearly impossible. This may seem a bit unusual, but it is actually one of the best features of our bubble envelopes. That is because you can immediately detect whether your bubble envelope had been unsealed. This way no one can remove the contents without you knowing. After all, when the bubble envelope has been opened it automatically becomes slightly damaged and can no longer be resealed. Thus it proves to be quite clever! Furthermore our bubble envelope can be sealed easily and quickly using the sticky strip. This means no more fiddling about with sealing the envelope, simply remove the tape off the sticky strip and seal the envelope.

No shipping costs and a secure transaction

bubble envelope

Purchasing a bubble envelope is easier than ever at Verpakgigant. We will dispatch your order as soon as the payment has been processed. We will ship your order with PostNL. That is because PostNL ensures that all orders which are placed before 15:00 are delivered the following day. This goes for all items in stock. After we have dispatched your order, you will be sent a track and trace code by mail. Using this code, you can track your order of bubble envelopes directly. This way you can check precisely when your order will arrive at your doorstep. Additionally, we do not charge shipping costs on any orders that need to be delivered within Belgium and the Netherlands. Please note however that this depends entirely on the quantity of your order. It is also possible to place a pallet order. When ordering large quantities, we will dispatch your order using an alternate method. In addition, if you order a larger quantity of a single product, we will be able to offer you a bigger discount. Do you require more bubble envelopes than are available on the website? That’s no trouble at all! Simply submit a request for a quotation regarding the product you wish to order in large quantity. We will immediately start processing your order and of course provide you with a generous discount.

At Verpakgiant you can buy bubble envelopes for a reasonable price

Purchasing a high quality and affordable bubble envelope is an obvious choice for you at Verpakgigant. We value quality very highly and therefore we only offer products that meet our high standards. Because of years of experience in shipping products, we are able to guarantee you a reasonable price. So when you want to buy an envelope to safely transport your valuable products? Then you will enjoy our services! If you have any questions about the bubble envelope or one of our other products. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us! We are ready to be of service to you!